Friday, December 16, 2005

Hindu Militants Attack Indian Pastor

Hindu Militants Attack Indian Pastor
While Police Turn a Blind Eye

ON DECEMBER 3, members of the militant Hindu organization Rashtriya
Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) attacked a pastor in Hyderabad, India.

While Pastor Yesupadam was conducting a prayer service in the village of
Ashaiah Nagar, someone called for him to come out. Thinking they were calling
him outside to pray for them, he approached seven men who began to beat him.

The Hindu militants then took him to the police station where approximately
twenty other RSS members were waiting. Handing Yesupadam over to the police,
the RSS accused him of converting Hindus to Christianity. The police
sub-inspector said that Christians had become a serious headache.

Mocking Yesupadam, the police officer said, "Did your mother conceive you
through an English man or Telugu man? Are you a Telugu man? Are you an Indian?
If you desire to live, stop preaching about Jesus Christ. You know people are
killing pastors in the city but still you do not learn anything."

In the presence of the police, the RSS members attempted to apply a tilak, a
mark of Hindu devotion, on Yesupadam's forehead. When he refused, they
threatened to kill him and harm his family. The police did nothing in response
to these threats. When other Christians arrived to help him, they were refused
entry into the police station and were threatened with death if they did not
stop praying.

Pastor Yesupadam was eventually released but the threats continued. Services
were cancelled on December 4 because of the threats.

Pray that Pastor Yesupadam will continue to be filled with boldness as he
proclaims the good news of freedom in Christ. Pray that his courage will
influence his persecutors toward a relationship with Jesus Christ.