Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nigerian Christians Are Neglecting the Powerful Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Any Christian without the Holy Spirit is powerless. And this is the unfortunate predicament of majority of Nigerian Christians, because they have failed to connect with the Holy Spirit of God. That is why majority of Nigerian Christians live in daily fear and lack boldness and cannot achieve any greatness in life. They have become easy pawns and victims of evil forces in the battlefield of the world. They have eyes, yet they cannot see, because they are spiritually blind. Now, let us discuss the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the power in each one.

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."
◄ Acts 1:8 ►
1 Corinthians 12 New International Reader's Version (NIRV)Gifts of the Holy Spirit
1.Brothers and sisters, I want you to know about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
2. You know that at one time you were unbelievers. You were somehow drawn away to worship statues of gods that couldn’t even speak.
3. So I want you to know that no one who is speaking with the help of God’s Spirit says, “May Jesus be cursed.” And without the help of the Holy Spirit no one can say, “Jesus is Lord.”
4. There are different kinds of gifts. But they are all given to believers by the same Spirit.
5. There are different ways to serve. But they all come from the same Lord.
6. There are different ways the Spirit works. But the same God is working in all these ways and in all people.
7. The Holy Spirit is given to each of us in a special way. That is for the good of all.
8. To some people the Spirit gives a message of wisdom. To others the same Spirit gives a message of knowledge.
9. To others the same Spirit gives faith. To others that one Spirit gives gifts of healing.
10. To others he gives the power to do miracles. To others he gives the ability to prophesy. To others he gives the ability to tell the spirits apart. To others he gives the ability to speak in different kinds of languages they had not known before. And to still others he gives the ability to explain what was said in those languages.
11. All the gifts are produced by one and the same Spirit. He gives gifts to each person, just as he decides.
One Body but Many Parts
12. There is one body, but it has many parts. But all its many parts make up one body. It is the same with Christ.
13. We were all baptized by one Holy Spirit. And so we are formed into one body. It didn’t matter whether we were Jews or Gentiles, slaves or free people. We were all given the same Spirit to drink.
14. So the body is not made up of just one part. It has many parts.
15. Suppose the foot says, “I am not a hand. So I don’t belong to the body.” By saying this, it cannot stop being part of the body.
16. And suppose the ear says, “I am not an eye. So I don’t belong to the body.” By saying this, it cannot stop being part of the body.
17. If the whole body were an eye, how could it hear? If the whole body were an ear, how could it smell?
18. God has placed each part in the body just as he wanted it to be.
19. If all the parts were the same, how could there be a body?
20. As it is, there are many parts. But there is only one body.
21. The eye can’t say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” The head can’t say to the feet, “I don’t need you!”
22. In fact, it is just the opposite. The parts of the body that seem to be weaker are the ones we can’t do without.
23. The parts that we think are less important we treat with special honor. The private parts aren’t shown. But they are treated with special care.
24. The parts that can be shown don’t need special care. But God has put together all the parts of the body. And he has given more honor to the parts that didn’t have any.
25. In that way, the parts of the body will not take sides. All of them will take care of one another.
26. If one part suffers, every part suffers with it. If one part is honored, every part shares in its joy.
27. You are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of it.
28. First, God has placed apostles in the church. Second, he has placed prophets in the church. Third, he has placed teachers in the church. Then he has given to the church miracles and gifts of healing. He also has given the gift of helping others and the gift of guiding the church. God also has given the gift of speaking in different kinds of languages.
29. Is everyone an apostle? Is everyone a prophet? Is everyone a teacher? Do all work miracles?
30. Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in languages they had not known before? Do all explain what is said in those languages?
31. But above all, you should want the more important gifts.
Love Is NecessaryBut now I will show you the best way of all.
Spiritual Gift of Discernment
The spiritual gift of discernment is also known as the gift of "discernment of spirits" or "distinguishing between spirits." The Greek word for the gift of discernment is Diakrisis. The word describes being able to distinguish, discern, judge or appraise a person, statement, situation, or environment. In the New Testament it describes the ability to distinguish between spirits as in 1 Corinthians 12:10, and to discern good and evil as in Hebrews 5:14.
The Holy Spirit gives the gift of discernment to enable certain Christians to clearly recognize and distinguish between the influence of God, Satan, the world, and the flesh in a given situation. The church needs those with this gift to warn believers in times of danger or keep them from being led astray by false teaching. See also I Corinthians 12:10, Acts 5:3-6; 16:16-18; 1 John 4:1.
Spiritual Gift of Knowledge
The spiritual gift of knowledge is also known as the “word of knowledge” or “utterance of knowledge.” The Greek word for this gift is Gnosis and it simply means knowledge and understanding. The Scriptural emphasis in 1 Corinthians 12:8 is on the ability to speak this knowledge to others in a given situation. In the opening passages of 1 Corinthians, Paul spoke of knowledge and recognized that the highest form of knowledge among men is the Gospel of Jesus Christ (i.e. the testimony about Christ, cf. 1 Corinthians 1:4-7). What we can conclude then is the gift of knowledge is an understanding of the things in this world and in our lives that is founded in the Gospel and rooted in the Scriptures. This gift is closely related to the gift of wisdom which is alluded to by Paul in 1 Corinthians 1:18-31.
The Holy Spirit gives this spiritual gift to some believers to bring about understanding and to inform the church or individual believers. The person with this gift is usually well-versed in the Scriptures and often has much committed to memory. They can retain the truth and communicate it effectively at the appropriate times. The gift of knowledge allows a believer to relate the Scriptures, and particularly the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to all aspects of life in this world. They can see how it connects to every situation and circumstance and how the reality and truth of the Gospel is to inform every decision a Christian makes.
Gift Definition Pages
Interpretation of Tongues

Please, it would be most beneficial to read and meditate on each of the gifts as defined in the link I provided.
I have pasted the two on Discernment and Word of Knowledge that I know are most lacking among majority of Nigerian Christians, especially the power of the spirit of discernment which to me is a MUST HAVE, because it helps you to discern the evil spirit of falsehood, conceit and deceit or commonly known as the evil spirit of lies which we all know is possessing majority of people in the world and not only Nigerians. But this evil spirit of lies seems to be most active among Nigerians whose lifestyles are packaged in falsehood.
They lie as they drink water. In fact their saliva is coated with lies. And I thank God for the Holy Spirit Gift of the Power for Discernment.
It is a waste of time to lie to me or lie against me as many people who know me have found out.
The Holy Spirit does not waste time in revealing it to me in dreams and visions. And sometimes the revelation comes with speaking in tongues as God speaks aloud to you and also gives you the interpretation and in my own case, the revelation has always been right no matter how the person lies and tries to cover his or her lies.
Our Lord and Messiah Jesus Christ warned us against this evil spirit of DECEPTION.
DECEPTION is what Satan and his children and agents use most. But Jesus Christ gave us the easiest and simplest way to discern and expose them, because He said by their fruits you shall know them. By their behaviours and characteristics of their actions you will sooner or later know them and please, always expose them. When you fail to expose them, you have become an accomplice and converted to their cult of Satan, the Father of Lies.
The difference between children of God and children of Satan is the TRUTH.
Children of God hate lies and that is why we cannot accept lies, no matter how attractive and lucrative the lies come to tempt us and ensnare us.
With the power of discernment as we pray, we shall be delivered, because it is written:
"We have escaped like a bird from the fowler's snare; the snare has been broken, and we have escaped."
◄ Psalm 124:7 ►

"For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth."
◄ John 4:24 ►

"For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect."
~ ◄ Matthew 24:24 ►

"And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."
◄ 2 Corinthians 11:14 ►

"By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?"
~ ◄ Matthew 7:16 ►

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
~ ◄ John 8:32 ►


It is a waste of time for liars to pray to God until they repent.
Every prayer of a liar without repentance is an abomination unto God and becomes a curse unto the liar.

May our Almighty Father JEHOVAH God help us all to desire, ask for and receive the infinite powers of the Holy Spirit in the battlefield of this world. Amen.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye on the Power of Prayer and How To Pray


God can give you another chance. Today I join my faith with yours, write your prayer request below and encourage your loved ones to do the same.

If you are living in sin and calling on God to bless you, that's magic you are asking for and magic comes from the devil, Miracles comes from God almighty.

The power of prayer: some of you are saying well I have prayed but nothing is happening. Check yourself Isaiah 59:1-2 KJV
Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: [2] But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

The power of prayer: don't let the devil shut you up, the moment you start to pray quietly then you are gone. Cry Out Loud.

When it's time to pray, don't pray like ladies and gentlemen. Pray like warriors when your problems as been solved then go back to being ladies and gentlemen.

The power of prayer: After you have prayed, RELAX. God has never failed before and He won't start with your case.

The power of prayer: After you have prayed be ready to receive.
1 Peter 2:24, 2Cors 8:9

Visit http://eaadeboye.com.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Let No One Demote You When God Wants To Promote You

Whosoever Says You Should Not Make A Joyful Noise in Praise of God is an Enemy of God

Now you go inside your room and shut the door to praise and worship God, clapping your hands and singing choruses with joyful noise of praise to God who has given you the breath of life and the voice you have to live everyday. But your flat mate who disturbs you with rants of his discordant hip hop and old school songs and hardly joins you in reading the Holy Bible or praying is upset by your private joyful moments with your maker and owner and upset that your testimonies are in fact increasing with contracts given to you to promote big brands like GTBank, Arel, Emirates Arline, Apple, COVERGIRL, Fair & White Gold, Eva Soaps, Transform Nigeria Group and IMAX on your blogs and you are sharing these testimonies of the favours of God with the publications of your books designed in the Philippines and printed in America and distributed by the leading booksellers in the world. And your duly registered companies with projects are also increasing from just one in 2008 to four companies in 2015.
Instead of him to be happy for you and rejoice with you that you are making progress and success since you came to live with him and he has also been blessed with changing the old car he has not changed in six years to buy two other cars one after the other and travelled for the first time in his life through your opportunities, made N4 million from his printing contracts and more millions from your God given idea and traveling almost every year and even got an all expenses paid trip to speak at a leading American university from your idea. But he takes your close friend who is a member of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries to a  bar to make mockery of you; that you are a college dropout and that your loud clapping and praise and worship of God upset him. He continues to take your friend to the bar and buy him drinks and continues to say negative things about you, but comes smiling before you later and teasing you like a friend.
Hie makes himself an enemy of God and does not even know it. While he is now owing people money, but others are owing you. He cannot pay his office rent for two years and the landlady takes him to court and the case continues and he is also owing two years house rent in a house owned by his elder brother who made another person the caretaker. You tell him that you will be moving to a five bedroom house to use as office and residence and he is not happy about it, because he prefers you to move into a lower place since he wants to demote you against the will of God to promote you.
He knows you have been saving for the bigger place and you have only a month to move, but he suddenly sends you a text message at the time he knows you do your daily morning praise and worship at 5.30 am with a stern warning to leave his flat within a week. He has already warned you that he is not a nice person and can do terrible things. He disrupts your plans and forces you to spend your savings to move into a guest house to avoid any trouble with him.
You tell the world the truth about the great idea you shared with him that has made him over N3 million in three years and he has given you only N151, 000 from the the total amount and kept the rest to himself. Then he becomes angry that you have told the truth which he has been hiding for years and threatens to kill you for not covering his lies.
You turn to God and read Psalm 50 that reveals a lot about him.
God is with you, because the battle is not yours but the Lord's.
For every enemy of a child of God is the enemy of God.
Just keep on praising and worshiping God in Spirit and Truth; in fact, you can make the loudest joyful noise to God. HALLELUJAH!

"For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."
Matthew 12:37

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Friday, June 19, 2015

A Special Video From Dr. Murdock..!‏ Wisdom Key 3000 Partnership

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Dr. Mike Murdock is in tremendous demand as one of the most dynamic speakers in America today...

Preached his first public sermon at the age of 8.
Preached his first evangelistic crusade at the age of 15.
Began full-time evangelism at the age of 19, which has continued since 1966.
Has traveled and spoken to more than 14,000 audiences in 38 countries, including Asia, East Africa, the Orient, and Europe.
Receives hundreds of invitations each year to speak in churches, colleges, and business corporations.
Noted author of 200 books, including the best sellers, "Wisdom for Winning", "Dream-Seeds", "The Double Diamond Principle", "Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived", "The Law of Recognition", and "The Leadership Secrets of Jesus."
Created the popular "Topical Bible" series for Businessmen, Mothers, Fathers, Teenagers, the "One-Minute Pocket Bible" and "The Master 7 Mentorship System"
Has composed more than 5,700 of songs such as "I Am Blessed", "You Can Make It", and "Jesus, Just The Mention of Your Name", recorded by many gospel artists.
He has appeared often on TBN, CBN, BET and other television network programs.
Is a Founding Trustee on the Board of International Charismatic Bible Ministries with Dr. Oral Roberts.
Has had more than 3,500 accept the call into full-time ministry under his ministry.
Has a weekly television program called "Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock".
Has embraced his assignment to Pursue...Proclaim...and Publish the Wisdom of God to heal the broken in his generation.
Is Founder and Senior Pastor Of The Wisdom Center, A Church with International Ministry around the world.

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Saturday, June 06, 2015

How To Discover the Power of Prayer

Until you discover the power of prayer
You are yet to know the greatest power.

The only way to discover the infinite power of prayer is to connect with the only one who can answer your prayer no matter who you are and wherever you are as long as you worship only HIM in SPIRIT and in TRUTH and not in conceit and deceit.
God does not answer the prayers of liars.

Until you connect with the Holy Spirit of God, you have no relationship with God.
And without relationship with God you cannot discover the power of prayer.
For the power of prayer comes from the Holy Spirit and not from your throat.
If the Holy Spirit does not dwell in your heart and soul, you cannot have the power of prayer that will move mountains.

"Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me."
~ ◄ Psalm 42:7 ►

"God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth."
◄ John 4:24 ►

Share your living testimonies of the power of prayer.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Author of "Children of Heaven", "The Prophet Lied" and other books on Amazon., Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores.

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