Saturday, June 20, 2015

Let No One Demote You When God Wants To Promote You

Whosoever Says You Should Not Make A Joyful Noise in Praise of God is an Enemy of God

Now you go inside your room and shut the door to praise and worship God, clapping your hands and singing choruses with joyful noise of praise to God who has given you the breath of life and the voice you have to live everyday. But your flat mate who disturbs you with rants of his discordant hip hop and old school songs and hardly joins you in reading the Holy Bible or praying is upset by your private joyful moments with your maker and owner and upset that your testimonies are in fact increasing with contracts given to you to promote big brands like GTBank, Arel, Emirates Arline, Apple, COVERGIRL, Fair & White Gold, Eva Soaps, Transform Nigeria Group and IMAX on your blogs and you are sharing these testimonies of the favours of God with the publications of your books designed in the Philippines and printed in America and distributed by the leading booksellers in the world. And your duly registered companies with projects are also increasing from just one in 2008 to four companies in 2015.
Instead of him to be happy for you and rejoice with you that you are making progress and success since you came to live with him and he has also been blessed with changing the old car he has not changed in six years to buy two other cars one after the other and travelled for the first time in his life through your opportunities, made N4 million from his printing contracts and more millions from your God given idea and traveling almost every year and even got an all expenses paid trip to speak at a leading American university from your idea. But he takes your close friend who is a member of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries to a  bar to make mockery of you; that you are a college dropout and that your loud clapping and praise and worship of God upset him. He continues to take your friend to the bar and buy him drinks and continues to say negative things about you, but comes smiling before you later and teasing you like a friend.
Hie makes himself an enemy of God and does not even know it. While he is now owing people money, but others are owing you. He cannot pay his office rent for two years and the landlady takes him to court and the case continues and he is also owing two years house rent in a house owned by his elder brother who made another person the caretaker. You tell him that you will be moving to a five bedroom house to use as office and residence and he is not happy about it, because he prefers you to move into a lower place since he wants to demote you against the will of God to promote you.
He knows you have been saving for the bigger place and you have only a month to move, but he suddenly sends you a text message at the time he knows you do your daily morning praise and worship at 5.30 am with a stern warning to leave his flat within a week. He has already warned you that he is not a nice person and can do terrible things. He disrupts your plans and forces you to spend your savings to move into a guest house to avoid any trouble with him.
You tell the world the truth about the great idea you shared with him that has made him over N3 million in three years and he has given you only N151, 000 from the the total amount and kept the rest to himself. Then he becomes angry that you have told the truth which he has been hiding for years and threatens to kill you for not covering his lies.
You turn to God and read Psalm 50 that reveals a lot about him.
God is with you, because the battle is not yours but the Lord's.
For every enemy of a child of God is the enemy of God.
Just keep on praising and worshiping God in Spirit and Truth; in fact, you can make the loudest joyful noise to God. HALLELUJAH!

"For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."
Matthew 12:37

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