Thursday, May 07, 2009

Let Us Discuss Anti-Semitism With Father Dave

Father Dave

Welcome Fighter!

I'm afraid the ezine is a day or two late this week, but I made an executive decision early in the week to devote most of my spare hours to writing this article on anti-Semitism.

It wasn't an easy decision to make actually, as it involved me in criticising Aussie Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd (who is a man I deeply admire) for his attack on Iranian President, Mahmoud Admadinejad - a man I seriously dislike.

You'll remember that only a few weeks ago I interviewed Mr Khatami - the former President of Iran and Admadinejad's sworn enemy - and I really wasn't looking for opportunities to support the current regime. Even so, Mr Rudd's statement that Admadinejad's government was 'anti-Semitic' really bothered me, and in the end I had to write something. Anyway, the article on anti-Semitism has been published and I'd be grateful for your comments, and even more grateful if you don't label me as anti-Semitic on the basis of the article.

Apart from spending an inordinate amount of time this week writing (articles and sermons) I had a wedding, a baptism and a funeral, and did numerous rounds in the ring.

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