Tuesday, October 23, 2007

GodTube.com - #1 Fastest Growing Website in U.S. - Launches Social Network

GodTube.com - #1 Fastest Growing Website in U.S. - Launches Social Network

GodTube.com Unveils the 'VIDEO POLICE' and the 'GODCASTER'
GodTube.com Launches Family-Friendly, Kid-Safe Alternative to Facebook.com

DALLAS, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ --

GodTube.com, the website which set the record as the #1 fastest growing website in the world according to ComScore during its first official launch month of August, today announced the launch of a new social network to connect the 2.1 Billion Christians around the world with the introduction of two new, advanced safety and internet broadcasting tools: the "Video Police" and the "GodCaster".

The GodCaster is a revolutionary viral video broadcaster that allows users to stream live video from GodTube.com to millions of websites on the internet. The GodCaster also functions as a viral video blog allowing users to leave video messages across the internet. In its initial Beta launch, the GodCaster will be available to churches and ministries around the world to stream their service online, hold a virtual bible study or even start an online congregation. GodTube.com plans to make the GodCaster available to the general public in the near future.

The Video Police are real human beings monitoring GodTube.com 24/7 to ensure all content is family-friendly and kid safe. Parents can immediately report any concerns by clicking on the "Video Police" button which opens a live interactive video window where they can see, hear and interact with
the GodTube.com Video Police Team.

"At GodTube.com we make the safety and security of children and families our top priority," explained Christopher Wyatt, Founder & CEO of GodTube.com.
"We have gone above and beyond to live up to this commitment. Every minute of every video that is uploaded is reviewed. We flag and remove any sexual offenders as well as any violent criminals. We do not believe that it is acceptable to have 29,000 sexual predators on any website, especially one used by young people and teens. In addition to these measures, we have electronic defense systems and live human interaction. We challenge all social networks to put the safety of our
children above bottom-line profit."

Although GodTube.com is announcing the official launch of its social network on October 17, the site already has over 150,000 registered users with active profiles on the network. GodTube.com's live and interactive technology uses a state of the art flash media server providing users face-to-face interaction in virtual Bible studies, chats, and live broadcasts, as well as opportunities to connect through messaging, email, video blogging, and eCards.

GodTube.com has become an instant success. In just a few short months, the website has experienced explosive growth and is on track to draw 5-7 Million unique visitors in the month of October. GodTube.com broadcasts more Christian video in a single day than all of the Christian television networks do in an entire year, and the company is on track to broadcast
more than 2 million hours of Christian video this month alone.

With more than 25,000 videos offering a diverse array of video content ranging from powerful personal testimonials to humorous youth-oriented videos and sermons, GodTube.com provides thought-provoking and welcoming ways for people to explore their faith online.

SOURCE GodTube.com

Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Awesome Book "Revolution in World Missions" Free For You:

Revolution in World Missions

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hallelujah! Jehovah Reigns Forever

I am very happy to share this awesome words of a song which came to me while I was praying and praising the Almighty God Jehovah at about 8.55 am this morning.

Jehovah reigns forever!
Jehovah reigns forever!
Jehovah reigns forever!
Jehovah reigns forever!
Jehovah reigns forever!
Jehovah reigns forever!
Jehovah reigns forever!

Monday, October 15, 2007

From Australia With Love

Hi MichaelChima,

We're still in school holiday period here and I'm beginning
this email from the middle of the Australian bush - at
beautiful Binacrombi.

It's raining (which is great, as we're still in drought) and
there are a small group of Rosella's gathered on our balcony.

Also exciting: 2 enormous fish were caught in our river today!
Unfortunately they were carp, which isn't great, as they are
pests. We need to work out how to re-trout the river!

Incidentally, if you haven't heard the bushman's recipe for
cooking carp, it's the same as for bush parrot:

1. Place a rock with carp in a billy full of water and boil.
2. When rock is nice and soft, carp is ready to eat.
3. Even then, throw out carp and eat rock as it tastes better

Enough frivolity. Let's do an article round-up.

New Articles

Three new articles for you this week:

A sermon:

* 'Why do Bad Things happen to Good People?'
That's the question Jesus is confronted with in Luke 13
and His response is not really what we wanted or expected:

A book review:

* Professors Mearsheimer and Walt's have just published a
very imporant book, entitled, "The Israel Lobby and US
Foreign Policy". I've got Uri Avnery's excellent review:

A surprise:

* An article by me on the dangers of 'identity theft'
And I've included some f/ree software, to help protect
your email address from being harvested by spambots.

Read. Absorb. Download. Enjoy! :-)

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Former hacker shows you how to transform your Dead Slow PC
into a Fast, Secure & Stable Super-System in only 15 Minutes!

What's new on http://www.fighting-fathers.com/forum ?

Firstly, my apologies for not being very active on the forum
over the holiday period though it's been gratifying to see
the place still teeming with life while I am absent.

There's been plenty of action in the 'faith issues' section,
with Brother Andrew, Stephen, and new kid on the block,
James M, making particularly noteworthy contributions.

Let me focus on a couple of threads from across the forum:

Original Sin

Christine and I have continued our dialogue over the question
of 'original sin', though I confess that I'm beginning to wax
philosophical. I think the thread needs an injection of fresh
ideas before I end up dragging it into esoteric academia. :-0

I've moved the discussion into the faith section so that it
might get more attention. Inject fresh ideas here:

Faith Issues -> General -> original sin, and Pelagius

Common Dreams

In a similar vein and in the same area of the forum, Stephen
has cut to the chase and asked us what sort of church do we
dream of becoming?

Do we want to be truly relevant, or do we fear letting go of
our long-held traditions, and are these the only two options?

Faith Issues -> General -> Common Dreams

We have a prophet in our midst

It is said of the Biblical prophets that their messages of
doom and destruction functioned as a form of 'shock therapy',
opening the eyes of the sleeping nation to the terrible sin
they were involved in.

In the same spirit, James M has burst on to the forum scene
with some no-holds-barred firey prophesies targetting the US,
Australia, Hillsong Church and others who have blood on their
hands through our global warring.

Don't write James off as an over-zealous dreamer, and note
that he is entirely accepting of criticism. I do urge you
to read and respond to this material. Here are some samples:

Social Comment -> World Politics -> Prophetic rebuke ,, Howard
Social Comment -> World Politics -> What God thinks ... USA

More on Internet P.0.r.n

The other thread that stood out for me this week was the one
on 'Dating, games and Lies' that started to re-focus on the
issue of men and p.0.r.n.

Alfamax's post on the subject gets my 'Post of the Week'
award this week, though I think there's still a lot more
that could be said on this subject and that needs to be said.

Let me encourage you to jump back on board with this one:

Faith Issues -> Feedback on Sermons ... -> Dating, ... Lies


OK. I'm going to leave it there this week.

As I said, the post from Alfamax gets 'Post of the Week' and
is now on display at http://fighting-fathers.blogspot.com

Before I let you go, a special invitation if you're in Sydney
this coming Saturday. We still have a couple of tickets left
for the Marrickville Multi-Faith Forum, convening on the topic
of 'A multi-faith response to Domestic Violence'.

The great draw-card for this meeting is not only hearing from
my f/riend Sheikh Mansour and other local clergy, but you'll
also get to hear from my wonderful partner, Ange, who will be
our representative speaker at the meeting.

The details are as follows:

Saturday October 20th, 4pm to 7pm (at the latest)

Petersham Town Hall, 107 Crystal Street, Petersham
BYO light food (preferably not pork chops but it's your call)
AND: You must let me know you're coming as space is limited

I'll hope to see some of on Saturday, but you'll hopefully be
getting the monthly ezine from me before then anyway. In the
meantime, please do consider making your contribution to the
forum, MichaelChima.

It's at http://www.fighting-fathers.com/forum in case you've
lost the URL. ;-)

May the Lord bless and strengthen you for the work to which
you have been called.

Yours in the Good Fight,


P.P.S. Partner me in the Good Fight:

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Greatest Prize On Earth

The Greatest Prize On Earth

The greatest prize is not the Nobel Prize and it is not the Oscar.
No, it is not the Grammy or the Emmy. It is not the Cannes Palm d’Or and it is not the Leone d’Oro of the Biennale Venice. It is not the Booker or the Pulitzer.
In fact, the greatest prize is the most precious, yet the commonest prize of all, and it is priceless. It is more precious than silver and gold. It cannot be bought or sold. Yet, it is the most abused, misused, violated, and wasted on earth. As I have since realized that the bottomless is fathomless, such is the depth and the worth of this prize.

The world froze before my very eyes yesterday morning. And this was not the first time, but the last time was over ten years ago. The memories still linger on my mind and I never wished to go through the flames of the crucible again. But yesterday morning I gazed at it eyeball to eyeball as my younger sister and the only daughter of my beloved mother collapsed and was foaming in the mouth.
Her eldest daughter Bombom had raised the alarm, as she was about to leave for school. Her only son in Kindergarten was sobbing and crying, “Mommy, come now.” The boy is only five years old. He must have been confused to see his mother slumping and jerking.
“Uncle, come and see mommy!” Bombom screamed.
Her mother was in the bedroom and I rushed inside to see her slumping over the bathtub with a small pair of scissors in her right hand. She was not having her bath and she was fully dressed in her house clothes. She was jerking with seizure and collapsing. I shouted her maiden name and raised her up. She collapsed in my arms and foaming in the mouth with her teeth about to clench and she could bite her tongue. So, I quickly put my forefinger in-between her teeth as she gritted them. The daughter was panicking in fear and trembling.
“Call the emergency number!” I shouted.
She was nervous and forgot that the emergency numbers were already pasted on the handset.
“Bombom! Hurry! Call 1007! And tell them that there is an emergency! That your mother has collapsed!”
“Oh, my God! Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!” I exclaimed at the frightening sight of my sister.
Only God could save her now.
Bombom frantically called the number and I could hear her answering questions. She is only 10 and in such a state of shock, she could not say much.
“Jesus, please save my sister’s life! Do not let anything happen to her!Jesus! Blood of Jesus. Jesus have mercy on my sister. She is your daughter. Oh, God! Save your daughter’s life!” I was shouting my SOS prayer to the only one I could call to save her life now.
“Go and call any of our neighbours in the next house!” I shouted.
She ran and soon returned with Uluoma, a girl in her late teens, who is staying with her family.
“Please, call the hospital for an ambulance!” I told Uluoma.
She acted like a much-matured young woman. She called the right emergency number.
I told her to call Emma, who could reach my sister’s husband who was not in and was in Lagos.
The ambulance came with the paramedics armed with their emergency First Aid kit and stretchers. Four of the female paramedics were in white tops and white pants and white shoes. And one of them was in a blouse, blue denim pants, and canvas shoes. She seemed to be the leader. She did not waste time to attend to my sister. Three men accompanied them. They put the oxygen mask on her and we lifted her up and placed her on the stretcher. They carried her into the waiting ambulance and rushed her to the hospital nearby. I followed in another vehicle from the hospital.
Inside the ER, the paramedics handed her over to the waiting doctor and nurses and they knew what to do and did so without wasting time. I was standing by in the corridor praying for divine intervention. Later, the doctor asked me what happened to her. And I explained how I found her slumping in her bathtub after her eldest daughter raised an alarm that her mother was in trouble. The doctor and nurses told me she was now stable and I thanked them one after the other as they were going in and out of ER. Then I knelt on the floor to thank God. At this moment, nothing mattered most to me, except the precious life of my sister. All my great dreams of winning an Oscar, Nobel, and other highly coveted prizes evaporated in the state of emergency. They became meaningless to me. Even the sight of two beautiful and well-endowed young women walking along the corridor did not delight or excite me. The prettiest women were the nurses in white helping the doctor to revive my sister. The nurses and doctors at the Nigeria LNG RA Hospital on Bonny Island were God sent angels. The Chief Medical Officer who bought two of my medical books last year and I gave him the complimentary medical books and journals for their library, also came to pay attention to my sister.

As my world froze yesterday morning, I now realized how insignificant and irrelevant are the vanities of life. Because, the jeeps, cars, houses, plots of land, million naira bank accounts, trips to the US, UK and Singapore and shopping in Dubai, did not matter anymore. What mattered most was the revival and survival of my sister. And when she came around, I experienced the kind of peace of mind I have never felt before. I sighed in great relief. Then I returned to the house to have my bath and put on new clothes. The husband arrived with his colleagues and went to the hospital to visit her.
“Thank God, she is alive and recovering fast. Thank God. Thank God,” he said.
He returned to the house with her soiled clothes and washed them like a nursing mother washing the dirty diapers of her baby.
I was overwhelmed by his tender loving care for his wife and this is the same man who once beat her up and swore to deal with her, but now very sober and loving. What a life.
Thank God, I advised my sister to forgive him and love him.
They have come a long way, from their one room bed sitter in Lagos, to their four bedroom flat in Ibadan and now living in a big house with guest rooms and building houses in Port Harcourt and Uyo, and driving two jeeps and one car. And they can afford to spend vacations anywhere in the world.
I am very glad and grateful to the Almighty God for blessing them with abundant life and prosperity. I wish them longer life with their five beautiful and wonderful children and more prosperity.

What happened yesterday confirmed my hypothesis on two of my so-called female companions who confess and profess so much love online and offline.
“I love you. I am missing you. When are you coming to Abuja?”
“Oh, darling. I am bored without you. When are you coming to Lagos?”
I called the one in Abuja first and told her that I was in the ER with my sister in critical condition. But till date, she has not even called to ask me how she is faring.
I called the one in Lagos, and told her. She called me as I hung up and I told her what happened. How my sister slumped in her bathtub. She said, she would call back to know how she fared, but till date, she has not called.
The one in Abuja is the most disappointing. Only last week, she called me, to whine over how a wicked Muslim man beat her up and I kept on calling her to know how she was feeling. I reported the incident to the Muslim Association of Nigeria and another Islamic NGO for Muslim women in Nigeria.
The one in Lagos was writhing in pains a year ago, and I was by her side to care and comfort her.
It is in critical situations of emergencies that you would really know those who are fair weather friends and those who are truly your friends.
Anyone who does not appreciate your welfare and the welfare of your family is not a friend.
The person is only a selfish fair weather friend who only wants her own bargains and selfish interests and selfish pleasures.
The sooner you separate the goats from the sheep, the better, and safer you would be.
Do not waste the precious quality time of your precious life with such selfish and uncaring people.
Jesus Christ said:
"Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs.
If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.

~ Matthew 7:6 (The Holy Bible, New International Version)

Your life is very precious and sacred, therefore, do not give them to the dogs of this world, and do not offer your highly valuable skills and talents to the pigs of this world, lest they turn around to spite you and vandalize your genius.
There are humans who behave like dogs, pigs, and you must identify them, beware of them, and do not waste your precious life with such dogs and pigs of the earth.

There are great lessons to learn from the problems and the troubles in this world.
There are great lessons to learn from the storms of life.
Make sure that you are not ignorant of these vital lessons of life. Because, they will guide and guard you safely the rest of your life.

Life is too precious and too valuable to be toyed with.
Do not let anyone or anything mess up, toy with, or waste your precious life.

How much we appreciate our life and the lives of others shows how much we appreciate God and our existence on earth.

No price you place on your life is too much. Because, as I said earlier, life is priceless.
You are more precious and worthier than all the status symbols, worldly acquisitions, and possession on earth.
You are the image and likeness of God, the greatest being in the whole universe and who reigns in awesome majesty in eternity. And He wants you to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life on earth.
Do not let anyone steal your greatest prize.
Do not let anyone take away your precious and priceless life.
You have won it, you deserve it, therefore cherish, and treasure your life with every breath you have.

When I returned from the hospital yesterday, I knelt down in my sister's bedroom and praised God for saving my sister. Then, I went to my room and went on my knees again to thank God for His benevolent divine intervention in the emergency and saved the beautiful and wonderful life of my dear sister