Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pray the Devil Back to Hell

"The film is inspiring, uplifting and is a call to action for all of us"
-Desmond Tutu, Winner 1984 Nobel Peace Prize.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell is the astonishing story of the Liberian women who took on the warlords and regime of dictator Charles Taylor in the midst of a brutal civil war, and won a once unimaginable peace for their shattered country in 2003. As the rebel noose tightened around the capital city of Monrovia, thousands of women – ordinary mothers, grandmothers, aunts and daughters, both Christian and Muslim – formed a thin but unshakeable line between the opposing forces. Armed only with white T-shirts and the courage of their convictions, they literally faced down the killers who had turned Liberia into hell on earth. In one memorable scene, the women barricaded the site of stalled peace talks in Ghana and refused to move until a deal was done. Their demonstrations culminated in Taylor’s exile and the rise of Africa’s first female head of state, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Inspiring and uplifting, Pray the Devil Back to Hell is a compelling example of how grassroots activism can alter the history of nations.

Credits for Pray the Devil Back to Hell
October 7, 2011

Produced by
Abigail E. Disney

Directed by
Gini Reticker

Edited by
Kate Taverna and Meg Reticker

Co-Produced by

Johanna Hamilton

Kirsten Johnson

Music Composer
Blake Leyh

Angelique Kidjo

Associate Producer
Regina Boyer

Title Design and Art Direction

Olaf Hajek

Sara Lukinson

Production Designer
Norval Johnson

Field Producer
Edwin Clarke

Production Sound
Wellington Bowler

Additional Camera
Maryse Alberti
Johann Perry
Jimmy Mangou

James Brabazon
Tim Hetherington
Pewee Flomoku
Jonathan Sahn

Assistant Camera
Mariusz Cichon
Ben Bloodwell
Anton Jeffes
Dan Moody

Additional Sound
Judith Karp
Sean O’Neil
Doug Dreger

Post Production Supervisor
Shannon J. Fogarty
Parker Chehak

Post Associate Producer
Juli Kobayashi

Assistant Editor
Alexandra Meistrell

Additional Assistant Editors
Omry Maoz
Elizabeth Merrick
Naftali Rutter

Iris Ng

Stephen Ellis

Post Production Facility
Full Circle Post

Online Editor
Rob Burgos

Re-Recording Mixer
Andy Kris

Sound Editor
Dave Patterson

Mixed at
Sound One

Production Assistants
Jeff Clark
William Cruz

Production Associate
Yvonne Moore

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Pewee Flomoku
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Senior Producer
Nina Chaudry

Post Production Supervisor
Mridu Chandra

Re-Versioning Editor
Kristen Huntley

Theme Music
Bob Golden

Motion Graphics Designer
Yorgo Alexopoulos

Additional Motion Graphics

Online Editor
Edward Goldberg

Post Production Sound
Doug Johnson

Series Announcer
Jay O. Sanders

Senior Multimedia Producer
Lauren Feeney

Multimedia Producers
Renee Feltz
Caitlin Thompson

Assistant Editor
Scott Greenhaw

Production Intern
Sam Jinishian

Sr. Project Manager
Rekha Menon

On-Air Promotion
Rob Issen
Jed Parker
Jon Berman

Jessica Bohrer
Robert Feinberg

Director of Publicity
Roberta Lee

Lindsey Bernstein
Donna Williams

Executive in Charge for WNET
Stephen Segaller

Executive Producers
Abigail E. Disney
Pamela Hogan
Gini Reticker


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