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Are You Possessed By the Spirit of the Dog?

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Are You Possessed By the Spirit of the Dog?

Many people in Nigeria and the rest of the world are possessed by the Spirit of the Dog, but since majority of them are ignorant of the existence they don’t even know that they are exhibiting the characteristics in their lifestyles and may continue living in the bondage of the Spirit of the Dog till their last days on earth.

Dog eat dog is a common saying which is in fact true, but people have not seen it spiritually and so have not been delivered from the Spirit of the Dog, so dog eat dog has become the most prevalent way of life on earth with majority of humanity behaving and living like dogs even though they claim not be animals, but have we seen much difference between most humans and animals? In fact, there is more balance of nature in the jungle than in the city! It is not common to see cattle attacking and killing themselves or other animals of the same species attacking themselves as humans attack their fellow humans every day in recurrent human conflicts of crimes and wars. In fact, from Adam and Eve to date, we have seen worse violence among humans than among animals! So, where is the human civilization?
What makes humans more civilized than animals?
Our higher IQs and sense of worthiness?
Our belief systems and pursuit of our origins?
The societies we have built over the centuries?
The so called wonders of the world?
Gigantic buildings like the Tower of Babel?
Spacecrafts launching and probing into the heavens?
Academic, technical and professional institutions producing aristocrats and technocrats of either meritocracy or plutocracy of democracy?
Because we make and put on clothes, build and live in houses and make and drive vehicles?
But as the saying goes, the hood does not make the monk.
What makes us civilized are not the perishable possessions and lifestyles we have, but the appreciation of the values and virtues of human dignity, integrity and nobility.

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In Nigeria where there are more churches than even schools and millions of Nigerians are regular church goers, majority of those who claim to be Christians are possessed by the Spirit of the Dog and their so called pastors, reverend ministers, bishops and prophets do not have the gift of discernment to see through them even when their behaviour shows it all. But many of the Christian ministers themselves are possessed by the Spirit of the Dog! That is why majority of them don’t even preach to warn their congregants. Therefore, both church and congregants remain in the bondage of the Spirit of the Dog.

King David of Israel who was a real and true anointed man of God knew about the existence of the Spirit of the Dog and prayed against it in Psalm 22 when he prayed for deliverance from the power of the dog. So, that is enough proof of the spiritual danger of the Spirit of the Dog.

Examine yourself thoroughly and if you notice the characteristics of dog eat dog attitude in your life, then you are possessed by the Spirit of the Dog and the only way to be freed from the bondage is repentance and deliverance, because your total reformation and transformation can only be achieved by edification. Then, you shall be freed from the evil Spirit of the Dog that is still roaming and prowling for more preys. In most cases it goes about as a friendly dog wagging its tail playfully, but beware of the wolf in sheep clothing.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, author of In the House of Dogs and other books

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