Sunday, September 01, 2013

Before You Recite and Pray Psalm 109

I know that most people are scared of Psalm 109, a warfare prayer against your enemy.
But the prayer is not for unrepentant sinners and unbelievers.

Yes. It is a prayer of vengeance that one is asking God to fight for you.
But before God can fight for you, you must make sure that your hands are clean, because the prayer of an unrepentant sinner is an abomination to God.

You may whine to God that someone has done something bad, wrong and wicked to you, but HAVE YOU NOT DONE SOMETHING BAD, WRONG AND WICKED TO SOMEONE ELSE?

If you cheat others, then don't come and whine to my Almighty Father that someone is cheating you.
There is this cheating girlfriend who cheated on her boyfriend and he found out. Instead of repenting, she was even bragging about it shamelessly. Then later, her new boyfriend cheated on her and she was crying and cursing him.
See who is whining? grin

There was a man who has a bad and wicked habit of cheating his workers and not even paying for services, because of his greed.
Then one day, his payment was delayed for a big contract for only 30 days, and he nearly went insane and actually went Unclad in prayer asking God to deal with the person he accused of delaying his payment.
He cursed and swore at the person. And I laughed at the silly and wicked contractor.
He sees the sins of others, but lives in evil denial of his own sins.
He is still owing some people since 2010 to date.

Another case is the common one of Nigerians accusing and cursing the government of being corrupt, but among them are the same evil and wicked Nigerian employers who cheat and exploit their workers and maltreat their housemaids and houseboys for years.
Among them are the exam cheats, greedy business men and women, greedy and wicked landlords and landladies who increase rents without justification, cheating husbands and cheating wives, household crooks and neighborhood rogues and other criminals and sinners.
When you hear and see these hypocrites cursing and swearing at the government and others, you will think they are innocent people. But many of them have done worse things.

Imagine an artiste who denied a fellow artiste of performing and did not even show any remorse now praying to God to favour his own musical career?
What do these hypocrites, liars and unrepentant wicked people mistake God for?

Please, read Matthew chapter 7 and chapter 25 of the Holy Bible for what God commanded us to do in human relations. And lest we forget, our Lord and Messiah Jesus Christ warned: REPENT OR PERISH.
Until you repent and do restitution, your prayer is just deceit and an abomination to God.
Beware of Psalm 109.
God will not spare those who reward good with evil.


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