Monday, May 16, 2016

Jesus Christ Appeared and Healed A Paralyzed Muslim Girl in Pakistan

The true testimony of Gulshan Esther.

I am a Pakistani girl from a Muslim family. My father is a direct descendant of Muhammad’s daughter of Fatima. I was paralyzed at 6 months old.
Trips to London and Mecca

At the age of 14, my father took me to London to see a specialist. Yet, it failed. Then my dad took me to Mecca, believing that God would heal me there.

Once there, we walked around the Kaaba (Qs 5:97). I kissed the Black Stone (Al-Hajr al-Aswad), which is located at the Kaaba. I prayed, “Heal me, please.” Yet, nothing happened. Sadly, we walked out to a place where the prophet Ibrahim prayed (Qs 2:125). I prayed for the same healing. Still, nothing happened. Having done all of the ceremonies, we went home with nothing.

The Bitterness of Death

Two years later, my father died. I was overwhelmed with sadness. One day, I was crying out in my prayer, “I don’t want to live! You've taken away my father. Why?”

Suddenly, a soft voice came. “I will take care of you. Who healed the blind and the sick? Who raised the dead? I am Isa, the son of Maryam. Read about me in the Quran!”

The next day, I read Surah Maryam in an Urdu Quran. I read everything about Isa Al-Masih. One verse I found said that Isa performed miracles. “When God said, ‘Jesus, son of My will, you made a sculpture of a bird out of clay, blew into it, and it turned into a real bird by My My will, you healed the deaf, the lepers, and raised the dead...’” (Qs 5:110).

I began praying to Isa. The more I prayed, the closer I felt to HIm. No other prophet could give life, heal the sick, and raise the dead.

A Visit from Isa Al-Masih

One night, I was praying and crying out louder than ever before. Suddenly, my room was filled with a bright light. There were 12 people standing in a line. The 13th one was bigger and brighter than the others.

“I am Isa, the son of Maryam. Stand up and come to me!” He said.

I felt strength flowing into my feet and hands. I saw a hole in his hand. He proclaimed, “I am Isa, Immanuel (Injil, Matthew 1:23). I am the way and the life (Injil, John 14:6). I am alive and will come soon (Injil, Acts 1:19-12). From now on, you must testify to my people. I will be with you wherever you go.”
Receiving Salvation

After being healed, I found the straight way to God. Isa said, “I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture” (Injil, John 10:9). Anyone must go through Isa if they want to come to God.

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