Thursday, June 16, 2016

Majority of Nigerian Muslims Are Religious, But Not Spiritual

Majority of Nigerian Muslims are religious devotees of Islam, but lacking spiritual relationship with God.
They are even clueless about the Holy Spirit.
They simply follow dictation and recitation without any independent relationship with God.
They follow the rote learning system and have the same herd mentality. And majority of them are fatalistic and unrealistic.

They became Muslims by dictation and not by ratiocination.
Their relationship with God has no depth.
That is why the most ignorant and uninformed majority can be easily manipulated and misled.

The very brilliant daughter of an Islamic leader and lecturer at one of the leading universities in Nigeria asked her father many questions on how they can simply be religious without being spiritual. She said her IQ could not accept such irrational resolution. So, she stopped following their Islamic religion and then challenged Almighty God. She asked God to reveal Himself and how to connect with Him or she would become an atheist. Believe it or not, God answered her and told her that she should follow a group of her fellow students on campus when they would be going for their evening fellowship. And that was how she became a Christian. Her very strict Muslim father allowed her without dispute, because he knew she would not lie to him and he couldn't fault her logical choice.

There is a big difference between being religious and being spiritual.
Religion is empty without the spiritual connection with God. And the Holy Spirit is not a myth. It is the Truth. The spiritual essence of our existence.

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