Friday, April 21, 2017

The Virus of Evil

Evil is a deadly virus.
Small evils become big evils.
The virus of evil is in the DNA of humans from the original sin.
And they reproduce to increase and spread through human relationships.
The virus of bitterness.
The virus of covetousness.
The virus of envy.
The virus of jealousy.
The virus of falsehood or lies.
The virus of greed.
The virus of hatred.

The mutations of these viruses turn humans to devils to do evils if they or we fail to destroy these evils from the first sight of them.
The evils humans failed to destroy are what have been destroying millions of humans since the original sin caused by disobedience, because disobedience causes violence and violence causes destruction of humans.

You must attack and destroy every evil immediately you see it in yourself or anyone else.
Don't cover evil.
Expose every evil before it is too late.
Once you expose evil, it does not last long. But if you cover evil and hides it like a contagious disease, it will increase and spread and becomes worse.
Say the truth even if the bitter truth condemns you or someone you love.
Anyone who hates or dislikes you for saying the truth is an EVIL Doer.
If we don't destroy evils; evils will destroy us.

~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,

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