Monday, July 24, 2017

Rise and Shine!

Isaiah 60:1 "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

Rise and Shine!

I know there are people who will always remain selfish, dishonest, perverse, abusive, proud and harsh. Some people never open their heart for the overwhelming love of Jesus Christ. That is their choice. They of course are not able to enter into His presence and love. Not because God refuses them, but because they hate the truth and the pure light of Jesus Christ. They prefer darkness, lying, deception, twisting the truth. They prefer a lustful, selfish, dishonest lifestyle.

But for those who admit they need His forgiveness, there is His abundant love.

His outstretched hands. His redemption and His restoration. He crowns us with His goodness, forever and ever. And He sings His songs of love over you and me. He really does! He wants to awaken the depths of our heart to His compassionate love, so we will rise up in all He is and all we are, in Him.

You precious, beloved son or daughter of the Most High God, stand up and shine!

I want to encourage you to read the article about the most amazing, most mind blowing, most overwhelming, most life changing, most incredible and most powerful Person who ever walked the face of this earth... His name is JESUS CHRIST.

His name means nothing less than 'GOD SAVES.' What a name! What an identity.

He came to save you! Not to condemn you, but so save you. To set you free. To heal you. To give brand new life!

He faced the powers of hell, He looked them in the eye and He overcame them through His blood, through the power of the Holy Spirit and through His furious love for mankind.

He overcame sin, sickness and darkness...

And now He is the most exalted Name above all names, the One who reigns for all eternity, the One who has all authority forever and ever and who is worshipped by billions and billions of angels, people and all of creation in all eternity.

He is the One who overcame, He is the One who broke through the powers of satan and Who restored mankind to it's loving Creator: the heavenly Father.

He is the One who laid down His very life and Who poured out His very blood to set us free.

What a King! What a Conqueror! What a Savior! What a Lord and Master... And most of all: what a Friend!

Let Him become the savior of your life as well. Don't bow down to any kind of religion, not even what we call 'christianity'. God doesn't bring religion to mankind, He brings freedom, love and truth! He brings restoration of who we were meant to be: His glorious sons and daughters, His temples, His city, His dwelling places,...

Bow down to Jesus Christ and receive His freedom and majesty.

Read the article about Jesus, entirely... And do what it says. It's not hard at all. It's very simple. But it will save your life forever. Don't hesitate, but read it now.

And please, pass it on to others. If you have a website, please link to this article about Jesus Christ, the savior of all. Let people know He is real and full of grace for all of us.

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