Wednesday, December 27, 2017

7 Conversations I Have Had With God..!

7 Conversations I Have Had With God..!

1  What You Make Happen For Others, God Will Make Happen For You. This created the most significant change in my ministry. God did not say if you treated somebody good they would treat you is not an exchange. He simply said to do good to people.

2  Do Not Accept Every Invitation To Battle. The purpose of battle is to produce a reward. There are people in your life who would rather have an argument than to have no conversation at all. Stop responding to all the attacks, whether it is disrespect or dishonor.

3  Success Is Doing The Will of God. Success is built on...mending one broken life, if you bring healing to the family of God, if you bring restoration, that is Success.  Success is not what you did yesterday. Success is perpetual. It is unending. It is eternal. Success Is Doing The Will of God...Day By Day.

4  The Boaz Anointing. The anointing that you respect is the anointing that is going to grow in your life.

5  The Isaac Offering. God wants to know if you were willing to obey His voice and plant the Seed He tells you to plant.

6  The Miracle of The $1,000 Seed. I broke the back of poverty with a $1,000 Seed. When God Speaks To You About A Seed, He Has A Harvest On His Mind.

7  Your Only Assignment Is To Love.
I had a very interesting conversation with God when my mother died. One day as I was praying regarding her life of love, God spoke to me and said, “Your Assignment is not to write books. Your Assignment is not to teach Wisdom. Your Assignment is to love and because you love, you write books. Because you love, you mentor. Because you love, you do everything you do. Your only Assignment is to love, and because you love, you do what you do.” It changed my world.

~ By Dr. Mike Murdock

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