Sunday, March 26, 2017

Why People Remember the Stories of Jesus More than His Sermons

“By now, everybody knows me to be a storyteller. Our Daddy in heaven, Jesus, was the best storyteller you can ever find. I have discovered that some people remember the stories more than the sermons,” the author quotes Pastor Adeboye has explaining of his trademark style of exhorting people when he preaches.

“I tell you these stories because when you hear those in the Bible and hear those happening right now, you appreciate them better,” he explains at a different forum while on another occasion, he notes that: “When these stories or testimonies come to some people, they sometimes mean much more than even the sermon.”

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Stories of miracles indeed enhance faith-building and what Daniels has done in this engrossing work of 350 pages and six sections is to painstakingly compile the testimonies of Daddy GO, the spiritual leader and chief missioner of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), and present them chronologically, right from his birth to the present (February 2017), to read like an autobiography.

Given the magnitude of Pastor Adeboye’s task and the near impossibility of getting him to sit down for interviews for a real biography, the author’s approach is ingenious. And not only is it creative, it works because Pastor Adeboye narrates the testimonies in his measured, calm voice that reassures.

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