Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I Heard Angels Singing Along To the Worship Music in My House - David Sorensen

I Heard Angels Singing Along To the Worship Music in My House-David Sorensen

I have gone through loneliness, during large parts of my christian life. I grew up in Belgium, one of the least christian nations in the world. Very anti-Christ environment. And the Christians I knew, were very afraid of the Holy Spirit because they had been indoctrinated against anything that is supernatural. 

One day I received a worship CD from Morningstar, called 'WORSHIP'. I had never heard that kind of music before, in my life. I put the CD in the player, and went back out to get my groceries from the car. When I returned in the house, I was shocked... I heard angels sing along the music! I felt heaven invade my home. This worship was so led by the Holy Spirit... 

I felt the angels of God and, with my bag of groceries in my arms, I sank to my knees and began to weep. His presence overwhelmed me...

There was a song on this worship CD, called 'Creator of the Universe, Won't You Dance With Me?' I felt the Holy Spirit invite me, to respond to this song and dance with Him. Since that day, I often danced with the Lord in my living room. I moved the bench aside, and I worshipped my God with all I had. I had never seen any christian dance before the Lord, in my entire life. I had no clue this existed in churches anywhere in the world. 

I just felt led to dance with my Creator and God, the Beautiful One of heaven and earth. 
The One who is so worthy of all honor and praise and who loves us so deeply...

David Sorensen

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