Friday, June 16, 2017

The Key To Victory!

The Key to Victory!

Millions of christians have intense needs. But only a few of them truly break through to victory, blessing and abundance in life. What is their secret? Do they have more money? Do they have more friends? Do they have a better church?

Although these things may help, their true secret is different. The reason they break through, even if they have no money, no friends and no good church, is far greater.

Their secret is Jesus Christ Himself.

They have taken time, again and again, to be filled with His Holy Spirit, through worship and adoration of the Lord Most High. They have laid aside all that hinders them and they have developed a deep intimacy with the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
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Spend time with the God of breakthrough and He will give you breakthrough.
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The answer to our needs doesn't lay in the hands of people or things. It's in the hands of the GREAT OVERCOMER, the Great Victor, the Great Warrior who wages war on our behalf.

But you need to develop a lifestyle of worship and intimacy with Him. You must listen to His voice, read His words and spend time in His glorious presence.

Seek Him, with all you have. Learn to enjoy being with Him. It's not a burden, but a pleasure. Being in the presence of Jesus Christ, through abandoned worship, is the most wonderful experience there is.

Learn to set apart time to encounter Him, in your everyday life. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you, to lead you, to take you into the realms of heaven. And become one who breaks through, because you are good friends with the God of breakthrough.

S C R I P T U R E:
“The Lord has broken through my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water.”
(2 Samuel 5:20)

~ By David Sorensen
David Sorensen has been a servant of Jesus Christ for 25 years, and has produced christian books, websites, posters and video's. David is married to Renate and together they have four amazing children. You can read how David experiences God as a reality, in the article IS GOD REAL?
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