Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Next To God, Your Wife Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life

Next To God, Your Wife Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life.

My Thoughts Are Exploding...
This morning I am so excited...I have discovered something you will be interested to read about. Women.

I was reared with 4 marvelous sisters who, through the years, have taught me so much about women.

I have spent countless hours and invested energy trying to understand women. Women still puzzle me. I have accepted that I may never understand them. Instead, I am focusing on what matters to them.

Once you discern the things that matter to your woman and make her your priority, your relationship will forever be strengthened and changed.

A Woman Is An Investment.
It is fascinating that God, who walked with Adam, concluded that He did not have what Adam really needed. So, He created what Adam needed—woman.

We Know The Importance of A Woman.
God compares her to the church and the whole Bible was written for the church. We know the value of a woman in a man’s life…not just a Christian man’s life, any man’s life.

As A Wife, She Is Your Greatest Investment.
She is going to require scrutiny, evaluation and more of your time than anyone else. She will be the greatest Investment of your life. She will decide what you attempt, the size of your dreams and the size of your goals.

Next To God, Your Wife Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life.
She is your confidante. She is an instrument of hope in your life.

The Bible Portrays Marriage As The Picture of The Mentor Protégé Relationship.
You cannot afford to marry a woman who cannot learn from you because you will be teaching her...nourishing her...imparting to her. Find out how she learns best. She does not learn through correction. Correction means disapproval.

No woman can live with disapproval from a husband.
No woman can bear that just like you cannot bear constant disapproval from a woman.

~ By Dr. Mike Murdock
The Wisdom Center, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Wed 2/28/2018.

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