Monday, February 19, 2018

The Beauty of God is Beyond Human Imagination

God is so beautiful...

His heart is the most beautiful heart we can imagine.

His character is so beautiful...

When I see God, I always have to weep because of His beauty.

People have so many misconceptions about Him. Mainly because of religion. But God is so different than anything we know.

The angels themselves are incredibly powerful and majestic, shining with His glory. People sometimes get fascinated by angels and other spiritual phenomena.

But there is a reason why true and faithful angels stand in awe before God.

They see His beauty.

It's not only an external beauty. Anyone can put up a show to impress others. Special effects and spectacular lights can give the illusion of beauty.

But the beauty of God, and also Jesus Christ, is not only His visual appearance.

It is His being.

Who He is.

His mind is so beautiful... so infinitely beautiful with a depth of wisdom and insight that stuns us.

However it's not even His wisdom and knowledge that makes God's mind so wonderful.

It's the deep goodness of His heart, that makes all His thoughts so precious.

When God thinks, it's full of goodness, grace, mercy, faithfulness and kindness. The thoughts of God are full of life and love. Completely pure and righteous.

Think about this... everything God thinks is full of healing, hope and comfort.

That is what makes Him so beautiful.

Who He is. His thoughts, His character, His actions...

Knowing God as He truly is, is by far the most wonderful thing there is.

The nr 1 reason why so many people turn away from God or have no interest in Him, is because they have no idea how wonderful He is.

I don't love God because I have to from some religion. I could maybe serve God out of fear of judgment, but that would not ignite this flame of love in my heart.

I love God because I have seen His beauty and it has captured my heart forever.

Now I know why the true and faithful angels love God forever, and why they want to bring Him glory.

They see His heart, His character, His mind, His love that penetrates everything He does.

God is incredibly beautiful.

It makes my heart sad sometimes to see how so many people are far away from Him... if only they knew Him. If only they knew His love. They would give Him all they are... in order to see Him more and more.

I pray that His Spirit will reveal God's beauty to you.

It's truly the most wonderful thing there is.

And I believe this is the ultimate reason why man was created: to know the beauty of God and rejoice in Him forever.

May His love overflow you, now and forever.

Here you can learn more about Him:

David Sorensen

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