Thursday, April 05, 2018

An Uncommon Dream Requires Uncommon Faith!

An Uncommon Dream Requires Uncommon Faith!

What Is The Uncommon Dream...For You?

The Uncommon Dream is the Divine Photograph of you in your Future. The Uncommon Dream is not always The Divine Prediction. It is simply the mental picture of something you desire. The Uncommon Dream is the Divine Possibility.

Never Trivialize Your Inner Dreams.

The Uncommon Dream will birth in you The Uncommon Life. The Creator talks to His Creation. His language is Pictures. Photographs. Visions. Dreams.

What Picture Dominates Your Mind? Your Mind is your personal world. The pictures in your Mind are controlling your life. This explains the Seed-Pictures God plants inside your Mind. Photographs of what you can achieve…become…do…have. What Happens In Your Heart Decides What Happens In Your World.

What Is Your Dream?
What do you desire?
The Uncommon Dream is something you believe God wants you to achieve. You can feed it or starve it.
You can grow it or ignore it. Define your fully persuaded in your own Mind. Refine your Dream...through setting daily goals. Confine your Dream...give your whole life to your Dream.

The Uncommon Dream Must Become Your Total Obsession.

Your Uncommon Dream Will Unleash An Uncommon Enemy.

Anything God Loves…Hell Hates. A Dream from God will activate the enemies of God. Uncommon Dreams require uncommon determination. Warfare Is The Proof Your Enemy Has Discerned Your Future.

My Passion Is To Provide You Secrets of Wisdom That Help You To Achieve Your Dreams And Complete Your Divine Assignment On The Earth.
Your Dream is the Inner Compass that will guide you away from trivial interruptions and distractions. The Uncommon Dream will focus your energy and excitement on the Uncommon Assignment your Heavenly Creator has meticulously crafted for your life.

~ From Dr. Mike Murdock

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