Sunday, April 08, 2018

You Are Valuable!

You Are Valuable!

The Bible tells us that Bethlehem was a place of VERY little significance. There was nothing extraordinary about it. Bethlehem was the least of the ruling cities.

In modern terms, it would be the Detroit of the United States, or if I may….the Fresno of California.

But here is what I find fascinating. God could have chosen ANY PLACE for His son to be born! So why did He choose Bethlehem?

God ascribed value to Bethlehem causing it to not merely be a “fly over state” but a destination, somewhere people would intentionally plan to go.

In the same way, many of us in the worlds eye’s aren’t ascribed much value.

We aren’t one of the all-stars.

*We are the last one picked on the elementary kickball team. *We are the ones that eat lunch by ourselves in the library. *We are the ones that didn’t make it on the principal's honor roll.

Yet God in His love chose before the beginning of time to ascribe this gracious and precious value to you and I. He places inside each one of us something unique that the world needs. Want to take a stab at what that special thing is?

It's His son, Jesus.

Today I'm talking to you!
Maybe you haven’t seen yourself as valuable, but your TRUE value doesn't come from the world, it comes from what God has put inside of you. He inhabits your heart with His Son, just like He inhabited Bethlehem!

So stop listening to the hearsay of the haters. Stop believing the bad-mouthing of the immature.

YOU are a masterpiece.
YOU are loved
YOU are inhabited by the best gift of all, God himself!

You are valuable because God made you valuable. No one can take away your created dignity.

I believe that what is said in Matthew 2:6 about Bethlehem, would be EXACTLY what God would tell YOU today about the value He has placed in you...

Micah 5:2

"And you, O Bethlehem ...are NOT the least among the ruling cities...for a ruler will come FROM you!..."

Be encouraged today because God is with you.

Pastor Andrew

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