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A Young Man is Amazed by God

A Young Man is Amazed by God


Remember how I started praying in tongues when I was filled with the Holy Spirit and my friends said it sounded like Hebrew? Well, something astonishing happened a few years later. I was visited by a young Jewish man from Russia who was involved with New Age. For three hours I tried to convince him about the importance of the Bible. He laughed at me and said, ‘I am much more spiritually elevated than you are. I don’t need the Bible to find God.’ Tired from the discussion, I finally suggested we should pray and ask God to show us the truth. He agreed and started praying from a Jewish book with prayers for the Sabbath (it was Friday). Then I started praying. First I spoke in my own words, but I felt the Spirit of God move through me, encouraging me to be bold and start speaking in tongues out loud. I lifted my hands and started speaking in tongues.

The young Jewish man was shocked. His jaw fell open, his eyes were like balloons, and he stared at me.

When I felt I had prayed enough, I stopped. Immediately he asked me, ‘Have you got any idea what you just said?’ ‘No, I prayed in tongues. That is a supernatural prayer language God gives so our spirit can talk to God directly.’ He said, and now I was astounded, ‘You spoke 80-90% in old Hebrew, a holy language only the Rabbis in Israel know and they only use that language when they talk about God.’

His pride had vanished! He was suddenly completely open for anything I had to say. So I confidently told him about Jesus Christ. When he left, he thanked me with all his heart and said he hoped to reach the same ‘heights in the spiritual realm’ as where I was. I corrected him, saying the key to know God is to become like a little child.

~ By David Sorensen.
David Sorensen has been a servant of Jesus Christ for 25 years, and has produced christian books, websites, posters and video's. David is married to Renate and together they have four amazing children. You can read how David experiences God as a reality, in the article IS GOD REAL?

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