Saturday, August 05, 2017

Reign with Christ!

Reign with Christ!

Every good thing in our western society is the direct result of God's reign, that has come on the earth.

Every bad thing in the western world, is because of people turning away again from God, returning to selfishness and idolatry.

The more God's reign will spread, the more sin, sickness and suffering will be driven out and the more peace, well being and health will spread.

We are called to work with Christ spreading His reign of love, life and restoration to mankind.

We are not called to look at wickedness and complain about how bad the world is.

We are called to work along with Christ, to bring His reign everywhere.

Cast out the darkness, bring people back into intimacy with God, bring healing, care for the poor, invent solutions for human suffering, stop unrighteousness in the government and business world, and bring Christ's righteousness.

That is the answer to suffering in the world. The more christians will operate in the power and authority of Jesus Christ to heal the sick, and drive out evil spirits from people, the more healing and freedom will spread.

The more christians ask God for His solutions to worldwide problems, the more His goodness will spread.

The more christians will bring the light of Christ into every sphere of society, the more His peace will penetrate our world.

God is dreaming beautiful dreams to restore mankind and His creation back to Himself.

He created this beautiful world for His glory and for us to enjoy abundantly.

He created precious mankind to know Him intimately and live in His presence of love.

He created us to be His best friends and to reign along with Him on this amazingly beautiful planet, bringing it back to God's purposes.

That is the good news, the wonderful gospel of the kingdom of God.

That is the message of Jesus Christ.

He is the answer to the suffering in the world.

Live in Jesus Christ, surrender to His Holy Spirit, and begin to spread His love, healing and salvation to others.

Many blessings,

~ David Sorensen

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