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Scientific Evidence of God

Scientific Evidence of God

~ By David Sorensen

Is there scientific proof of God or does science prove God does not exist?

Secular media and education want you to believe there is no scientific proof of God. But the reality is science provides a lot of evidence for the existence of God. Although we have been told that faith in God and science can’t go hand in hand, the truth is they are closely intertwined with each other. Science supports the existence of God and God encourages the development of science. Science and God are close companions! Thousands of scientists today are passionate believers in God. They say science points them toward God and God helps them practice good science. As Albert Einstein said:

‘Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.’

What is the scientific method?
Scientific evidence is obtained using the ‘scientific method’. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the scientific method: ‘…consists in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.’ So the scientific method takes the following steps:







The question is: can we use the scientific method to obtain evidence for the existence of God?

If God exists, then he is beyond doubt the most powerful reality there is, since he created the entire universe. Obviously it should not be hard to prove the existence of the most powerful reality there is, right? Indeed, you are about to see there is strong scientific proof of God, obtained by using the scientific method of observation, measurement, experiment, formulation and testing.

The scientific proof of God
The main characteristic of God is, that he is the creator of the universe and all living organisms. Every living organism consists of many COMPLEX, FUNCTIONING SYSTEMS. For example our eyes, brains, digestive system, nervous system, our blood circulation, skin, lungs, kidneys, and so on. The human body consists of thousands of COMPLEX, FUNCTIONING SYSTEMS, that operate perfectly.

What does science show us about the origination of complex functional systems? Can they arise WITHOUT the influence of external intelligence? Or does science prove that a complex functioning system REQUIRES an external intelligence? We will apply the scientific method to find an answer to this question.

OBSERVATION shows us that no complex functional system ever arises without the help of external intelligence. Whether it is a watch, a computer, a car or a smartphone, every and all complex and functioning systems always require external intelligence to arise. Thousands of years of observation by the human race, shows us that a complex functioning system never arises without the influence of external intelligence.

MEASURING reveals that this external intelligence is required in every step of the building process of a complex functional system. Without the ongoing guidance of the external intelligence, the creation of the functional system is interrupted and corrupted.

EXPERIMENTS all have the same outcome: no complex functional system ever originates without the continual guidance of an external intelligence.

So we FORMULATE the hypothesis that no complex functional system will ever arise without the ongoing guidance, from beginning to end, of an external intelligence. The external intelligence has to imagine the system, gathers the different elements to build it, these elements must be exactly right in size, weight and material, and he then fits them together in orde to make the system function.

We can MODIFY our tests as much as we want, to see if the outcome will be different. But thousands of years of experience shows us that for the creation of complex functional systems there is always an external intelligence required.

What we also observe and measure, is that the more complex a system is, the more external intelligence is required to create it.

A little child has enough intelligence to build a toy car that can move when the child pushes it forward. But it can’t build a real car with an engine and electric circuits. That requires more intelligence. So observation, measuring, experimenting and testing also shows that a higher level of complexity within the functioning system, requires more external intelligence to create it.

Humans have enough intelligence to create dead machines, like watches, computers, cars, and so on. These machines perform several tasks. But they are limited. They for example can’t duplicate themselves, they can’t grow, and so on. These functions require systems of a complexity that demand a level of intelligence that exceeds the human capabilities. Nature consists of millions of complex functioning systems that not only can look, hear, communicate, run, fly or swim – they can also heal when damaged, they can grow, they can multiply themselves, and so on. Again: these functions require much more intelligence than the human mind possesses.

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