Monday, August 21, 2017


2017 Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Special Convention Song

1. Let’s sing Hallelujah
To Him who saved our souls
From jaws of hell He rescued us
And made us sons again.

Like His own, there's no love
Who died to give us life
Let us sing to Him forever

2. Let’s sing Hallelujah
To Him who made us whole
He sent His word and now behold
We are healed and whole again.

3. Let’s sing Hallelujah
To Him who set us free
His truth made us completely free
His blood conquered Satan.

4. Let’s sing Hallelujah
To Him the fruitful Vine
We draw our strength from Him within
That’s why we cannot fail.

5. Let’s sing Hallelujah
His Name above all names
All knees must bow at His great Name
His Name answers prayers.

6. Let’s sing Hallelujah
And witness for our King
He died for all and rose again
Come to Him and be saved.

7. Let’s sing Hallelujah
In His own Father’s house
He’s gone to prepare us a place
Then He will come again.

8. Let’s sing Hallelujah
To Husband of the Bride
One day in heaven bye and bye
He’ll marry you and I

9. Let’s sing Hallelujah
He reigneth now on high
With Him we’ll reign both you and I
For all eternity.

10. Let’s sing Hallelujah
Join with heavenly hosts
The angels and Church triumphant
Let’s shout Hallelujah!

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